About Brew Studio

As Founder and Head Brewer of Brew Studio, it has been my goal to grow the business to the point where it will support my decision to pursue the venture full-time.

My brewing career started with self-taught home brewing and quickly led to a job offer for a local craft micro-brewery based in Lancing, West Sussex.

With a successful portfolio of quality ales I was able to tune my brewing skills to a commercial scale and learn how the commercial brewing industry works on a small-batch scale.

I was offered a job for a larger craft brewery based in Horsham, West Sussex and felt it was the right time to progress my career further. This position involved a more technical approach to brewing and introduced a managerial element to my skills also.

During my employment in Horsham I decided it was time to develop my own brand and test the market to see if there was enough demand for a new cask micro-brewery and I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback and support from every new customer I approached. It was clear that working on such a small scale was not going to satisfy the demand for the product much longer.

Brew Studio was able to achieve independent investment from a variety of sources and this enabled the operation to increase the output from 120L per fortnight to 400L per week.

Brew Studio

39 Meadowview Road,
West Sussex,
BN15 0HU

Mobile: 07980978350


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